Common Wildlife Problems in Orlando

There are many types of animals that are indigenous to Orlando. Among those include the nuisance wildlife that we are able to legally trap: bats, rats, raccoons, possums, armadillos, skunks, snakes, squirrels, birds (geese, ducks, pigeons), moles, bees, and other stinging insects like wasps. We take pride in handling animal control issues in Orlando with professionalism and understanding that other trapping and removal companies can't match. It's very easy to forget about customer service when you are wrist-deep in animal feces! Rest assured, our techs can handle anything and will do with a smile and service you won't find anywhere else.

Noises in the Attic

Noises coming from the attic space are a clear indicator of the presence of nuisance wildlife. As we've said before on this site, wildlife are attracted to the space because it provides shelter from elements, a place to hid from predators, and usually has a temperature and light-level suitable for them. Take the common brown bat for an example, the reason for most of our Bat Removal calls: attic space provides the ultimate in comfort for these nocturnal creatures. Bats are actually quite small creatures when they fold in their wings, so they can wedge themselves into attic vents and between cracks in fascia board and soffit where predators can't follow. Once they're inside, they can enjoy dim lighting during the daylight hours, and are able to hang from trusses or beams to sleep. The temperature inside the attic will be warm enough for them year-round, and there is plenty of room for them to start a colony and begin breeding during the months of May through August.

Getting rid of animals in the attic is very important for those living in Orlando and the surrounding areas. Because most of the homes in suburban areas are so closely placed together, you and your neighbors will have a big problem in only a little bit of time if you don't take care of it ASAP. This is especially true for Rodent Control, since rodents travel in such large numbers, once they are in a home it can be difficult to get ri of all of them. While animals like raccoons do not live in large packs, a group of two or three raccoons will travel from yard to yard, eating is fill of whatever food it can find, and sleeping wherever it can. They are commonly found making a nest in the attic space, but may take naps outside under porches, behind sheds, and other dark places during the day. If you have any kind of wildlife in your attic, it will probably have made itself at home in your yard, too. Possums and bats don't usually damage the yard space, but these kinds of animals, if inside your attic, will probably be leaving droppings in the yard. These droppings are highly dangerous and you'll want to make sure that pets and small children do not go investigating them.

Wild Animals in the Yard and Garden

Though not as big of a problem as having wild animals in your home or attic space, having unwanted wildlife in the yard can cause all manner of problems for homeowners and commercial property owners alike. Armadillos, skunks, and snakes are all garden pests that can warrant a call to operators like us at Orlando Animal Removal.

Armadillos will enjoy rooting around for the bugs that are in the soil of your garden or flowerbed when they get hungry. When they want to sleep, they'll probably dig a shallow hole and uproot some of your turf, too. These little creatures also carry leprosy in North America, which you really don't want to get. Armadillo Removal can be particularyly difficult since armadillos are pretty stubborn animals and are hard to trap or scare off, so once they put down roots, they're likely to stay and enjoy the buffet in your yard.

Skunks pose an interesting problem because they are usually inclined to wander from yard to yard and rarely stick around for very long. Most of the time we get skunk calls, the skunk has left the property before we get there. Depending upon the layout of your yard, and available food sources for the skunk, they may stick around and make a home underanth decking or behind the tool shed. Skunks that stay in one place are guaranteed to get scared at some point and release their oily spray, which sticks to everything and smells horrendous.

Snake Removal is another very common call for us, because of the stigma and fear that comes with these reptiles. There are far more non-venomous snakes in the world than venomous snakes. That is to say, the chances of a human being bitten by a poisonous snake in the back yard is pretty slim. However, that doesn't mean you should take snakes lightly. If they're in the yard and thriving, they may see the inside of your home as a great place to live and escape the elements and predators like the hawk. Snakes are also excellent swimmers and like to take a dip in above ground pools or pools without enclosures. Make sure you put the cover on your hot tub!

Animal Feces Removal and Sanitation

Got animal droppings on your roof? Nine times out of ten, your roof poop belongs to a raccoon. These little creatures leave behind dark brown to black droppings the size of a small dog's waste, and it is usually full of berries, seeds, and some digested leaf material. The sight of these droppings is commonly what alerts people initially to give us a call for Raccoon Removal. Most of our customers wonder why they use the roof instead of the yard, and it's simple: they're living in your attic, and use the roof as a road to get from once side of the property to another.

Animal feces found in the attic can belong to any number of creatures. Our technicians determine the species from the length, coloration, and contents of the droppings. While most wildlife creatures will use the same area repeatedly to leave their droppings, some animals like bats, rats, and possums will leave urine and solid waste behind them to mark their trails. Serious diseases like histoplasmosis and leptospirosis can be contracted by contact with animal droppings and urine. This can be particularly true if you are dealing with birds, Bird Control is always important to take care of quickly since birds are so messy and leave droppings everywhere. Stay away from it and call us immediately if you find it in your attic or other enclosed space.

If you've got something floating in your pool that looks like animal poop, don't panic. You most likely do not need to drain your pool and waste money refilling it. Your local pool supply company will have all the necessary chemicals to sanitize the water once you have removed the solid waste. Take steps to prevent animal poop in the pool in the future like making sure enclosure doors are closed and locked, screen is not punctured, and that there are no dog or cat doors into your enclosure.

Keeping Animals Away

We often do inspections of residences and business that don't need the full-service treatment from our staff. IF you are spotting animals in the yard and want to know if they are also living inside the home, we can perform an interior and exterior inspection to determine what types of services you need. Most commonly, the culprit for this is squirrels, since squirrels can be seen both outside your attic and inside very commonly Squirrel Removal is a common call that we get. If your animal friends are only doing damage outside, this is a very good thing. We can help you to exclude them from any and all interior spaces, as well as make repairs, put up fencing, or apply netting or steel mesh to the exterior of the building. This will keep animals away in the future, and is called exclusion. We generally do exclusion work on every job we do unless the property owner refuses the service.